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We all want to be competitive in everything we do. And no more so that with punting on horse racing.

Success in punting on horses, in fact most things reduces down to an information war - the people with the best information make the smart moves.

Books have been and still are the best source of general information, and this applies at least as much in the art of racehorse selection and staking as in any other field.

Author Paul Segar has produced textbooks which cover all aspects of punting. The books alone stand as a complete reference but also provide 'food for thought'. You can develop / improve your own ideas as well as learn some new techniques.

Each book is written in plain English with plenty of practical examples in each chapter. Browse the contents of each book or email for further information, if required.

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The Pureform Introduction Course uses a computer program to show you how and when to bet and how to do it successfully. Check out the details


The Benchmark Handipper Course continues from the Introduction Course and gives you further weapons to apply when making quality value selections. More...



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The new Ratings Calculator is here!

Horse racing today is more complicated than ever with racing on 364 days of year 2016. To work through all that racing you need a tool. That's right. A tool to simplify the job and select the best chances in the race.

The Pureform Ratings Calculator gives you this ideal framework to formulate fantastic value packed quinella, trifecta and first four combinations.

The beauty of the Pureform approach is when you get that elusive result it pays big!




This version 2 product not only gives you every start and ratings for every single run but it automatically produces Dutch Book market ready for overs punting, multiple betting or simply support the top pick or two. And from the ratings, value is built in guaranteeing some huge potential collects.


Looking for big results? Did you get the First Four in the last race in WA last week? The program has many times.

Did you miss that huge overs winner that no one else had? The program didn't.

No other product offers these features in one handy package at a budget price and ready to go with a click of a button.


You Know the Drill

Class ratings have been used in horse racing for many years, it's nothing new. Why create something new? The value is still there in win and place bettting, not as good as before in the multiples but value can still be found.

Ratings point to clear cut winners in many events and are a great starting point in others.

At the other end of the scale, that poorly handicapped runner is quickly highlighted with figures in black and white.

The new computer program uses base ratings for the various classes and from these, past ratings are calculated. Use these ratings or your own if you want, adjusted for weight, barrier, jockey and any other factors automatically calculate a completely flexible market.

Produce your own market (any percentage and market-type) or simply follow the finish order and prices as automatically calculated. You don't need to do another thing if you just want to follow the system.


Features include:


  • All starts for every runner
  • Ratings for every run
  • A worksheet to make all your changes - adding comments, etc
  • Fully Adjustable Markets
  • Detailed information for every runner
  • Documentation, hints and how to’s for using the program and betting tips


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The program is available for Windows 7 and later versions (but will also work on XP computers if needed)...

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