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We all want to be competitive in everything we do. And no more so that with punting on horse racing.

Success in punting on horses, in fact most things reduces down to an information war - the people with the best information make the smart moves.

Books have been and still are the best source of general information, and this applies at least as much in the art of racehorse selection and staking as in any other field.

Author Paul Segar has produced textbooks which cover all aspects of punting. The books alone stand as a complete reference but also provide 'food for thought'. You can develop / improve your own ideas as well as learn some new techniques.

Each book is written in plain English with plenty of practical examples in each chapter. Browse the contents of each book or email for further information, if required.

Improve your punting knowledge today - buy one or all of these books.

Read the books but want more? It's time to do a course.

The Pureform Introduction Course uses a computer program to show you how and when to bet and how to do it successfully. Check out the details


The Benchmark Handicapper Course continues from the Introduction Course and gives you further weapons to apply when making quality value selections. More...


The Introduction to Dutch Betting using the Ratings Calculator Course gives you an introduction to betting using the Ratings Calculator computer software. More...



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Introduction to Dutch Betting using the Ratings Calculator

This one-week course consists of five days of intense consideration of races using the Ratings Calculator to determine successful wages using the Dutch Book approach to taking bets on horse racing. The same approach can be applied to harness of greyhounds but the Ratings Calculator is for horse racing in Australia only.

The course consists of five days of notes along with the program rental for two months.

The cost of the course plus rental of the program for 2 months is $199

See the rental details for the Ratings Calculator


Course Outline

Day 1 Introduction, Installation and Use of the Program
Day 2 Dutch Betting Theory
Day 3 Dutch Book Practice
Day 4 Actual Races
Day 5 More Races


The course can be taken at any time and looks at previously run races along with races for the week of the course.

Price $199