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We all want to be competitive in everything we do. And no more so that with punting on horse racing.

Success in punting on horses, in fact most things reduces down to an information war - the people with the best information make the smart moves.

Books have been and still are the best source of general information, and this applies at least as much in the art of racehorse selection and staking as in any other field.

Author Paul Segar has produced textbooks which cover all aspects of punting. The books alone stand as a complete reference but also provide 'food for thought'. You can develop / improve your own ideas as well as learn some new techniques.

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MEETINGS: 05/12/2023 - 10/12/2023

53 meetings


By Rail

By Prizemoney



05/12/2023 Tuesday

TrackRailTypeCondWeatherMax $
Corowa+0ETurfGood 4Fine$30,000
Narromine+4HTurfSoft 5Fine$30,000
Apiam Bendigo+9ETurfGood 4Fine$27,000

06/12/2023 Wednesday

TrackRailTypeCondWeatherMax $
Ipswich+0ETurfSoft 5Fine$50,000
Balaklava+0ETurfGood 4Fine$25,000
Warwick Farm+3ETurfSoft 7Overcast$100,000
Launceston+3.5ETurfSoft 5Fine$27,000
Belmont+5ETurfGood 4Fine$35,000
Ladbrokes Park Lakeside+6ETurfSoft 5Fine$55,000

07/12/2023 Thursday

TrackRailTypeCondWeatherMax $
bet365 Geelong+0ETurfGood 4Fine$37,500
Gosford+0ETurfSoft 5Overcast$60,000
Ladbrokes Cannon Park+1.5CHTurfGood 4Fine$23,000
Albany+5CTurfN/A $24,000

08/12/2023 Friday

TrackRailTypeCondWeatherMax $
Esperance+0ETurfN/A $22,000
Devonport Tapeta Synthetic+0ESyntheticN/A $50,000
Scone+0ETurfSoft 5Fine$30,000
Moe+0ETurfSoft 6Stormy$27,000
Port Lincoln+2HTurfN/A $23,000
Canterbury Park+4TurfSoft 6Overcast$80,000
The Valley+5ETurfSoft 6Overcast$0
Doomben+7ETurfSoft 5Overcast$40,000
Canberra+8ETurfSoft 6Overcast$34,000
DarwinSandN/A $21,500

09/12/2023 Saturday

TrackRailTypeCondWeatherMax $
bet365 Stawell+0ETurfGood 4Fine$27,000
Balnarring Picnic+0ETurfSoft 5Overcast$5,000
Aquis Park Gold Coast+0ETurfN/A $30,000
Royal Randwick+0ETurfSoft 6Overcast$2,000,000
Eagle Farm+0ETurfSoft 5Fine$0
Rockhampton+0ETurfN/A $20,000
Sportsbet-Ballarat+2HTurfGood 4Showers$130,000
Sportsbet-Wangaratta+3ETurfGood 4Showers$27,000
Toowoomba+3ETurfN/A $24,500
Albury+3.5HTurfSoft 7Fine$30,000
Morphettville+4ETurfGood 4Fine$120,000
Kembla Grange+6HTurfSoft 7Fine$60,000
GeraldtonTurfSoft 7 $24,000
AthertonTurfSoft 7 $10,000
BundabergTurfSoft 7 $10,000
Home HillTurfSoft 7 $10,000
RomaTurfSoft 7 $10,000
TexasTurfSoft 7 $17,000
AscotTurfN/A $0
ParkesTurfN/A $12,000
MoulameinDirtN/A $16,000

10/12/2023 Sunday

TrackRailTypeCondWeatherMax $
BunburyDirtN/A $30,000
Sunshine CoastDirtN/A $30,000
EmeraldDirtN/A $10,000
Yea PicnicDirtN/A $6,000
TraralgonDirtN/A $70,000
TAB Park WerribeeDirtN/A $150,000
HawkesburyDirtN/A $45,000
Thomas Farms RC Murray BridgeDirtN/A $25,000
NowraDirtN/A $65,000

By Rail

NowraDateRailWeatherMax $
Corowa05/12/2023 Tuesday+0EFine$30,000
Ipswich06/12/2023 Wednesday+0EFine$50,000
Balaklava06/12/2023 Wednesday+0EFine$25,000
Gosford07/12/2023 Thursday+0EOvercast$60,000
bet365 Geelong07/12/2023 Thursday+0EFine$37,500
Scone08/12/2023 Friday+0EFine$30,000
Devonport Tapeta Synthetic08/12/2023 Friday+0E $50,000
Moe08/12/2023 Friday+0EStormy$27,000
Esperance08/12/2023 Friday+0E $22,000
Balnarring Picnic09/12/2023 Saturday+0EOvercast$5,000
bet365 Stawell09/12/2023 Saturday+0EFine$27,000
Aquis Park Gold Coast09/12/2023 Saturday+0E $30,000
Eagle Farm09/12/2023 Saturday+0EFine$0
Royal Randwick09/12/2023 Saturday+0EOvercast$2,000,000
Rockhampton09/12/2023 Saturday+0E $20,000
Ladbrokes Cannon Park07/12/2023 Thursday+1.5CHFine$23,000
Port Lincoln08/12/2023 Friday+2H $23,000
Sportsbet-Ballarat09/12/2023 Saturday+2HShowers$130,000
Warwick Farm06/12/2023 Wednesday+3EOvercast$100,000
Toowoomba09/12/2023 Saturday+3E $24,500
Sportsbet-Wangaratta09/12/2023 Saturday+3EShowers$27,000
Launceston06/12/2023 Wednesday+3.5EFine$27,000
Albury09/12/2023 Saturday+3.5HFine$30,000
Narromine05/12/2023 Tuesday+4HFine$30,000
Canterbury Park08/12/2023 Friday+4Overcast$80,000
Morphettville09/12/2023 Saturday+4EFine$120,000
Belmont06/12/2023 Wednesday+5EFine$35,000
Albany07/12/2023 Thursday+5C $24,000
The Valley08/12/2023 Friday+5EOvercast$0
Ladbrokes Park Lakeside06/12/2023 Wednesday+6EFine$55,000
Kembla Grange09/12/2023 Saturday+6HFine$60,000
Doomben08/12/2023 Friday+7EOvercast$40,000
Canberra08/12/2023 Friday+8EOvercast$34,000
Apiam Bendigo05/12/2023 Tuesday+9EFine$27,000

By Prizemoney

TrackDateRailWeatherMax $
Royal Randwick09/12/2023 Saturday0EOvercast$2,000,000
TAB Park Werribee10/12/2023 Sunday $150,000
Sportsbet-Ballarat09/12/2023 Saturday2HShowers$130,000
Morphettville09/12/2023 Saturday4EFine$120,000
Warwick Farm06/12/2023 Wednesday3EOvercast$100,000
Canterbury Park08/12/2023 Friday4Overcast$80,000
Traralgon10/12/2023 Sunday $70,000
Nowra10/12/2023 Sunday $65,000
Gosford07/12/2023 Thursday0EOvercast$60,000
Kembla Grange09/12/2023 Saturday6HFine$60,000
Ladbrokes Park Lakeside06/12/2023 Wednesday6EFine$55,000
Ipswich06/12/2023 Wednesday0EFine$50,000
Devonport Tapeta Synthetic08/12/2023 Friday0E $50,000
Hawkesbury10/12/2023 Sunday $45,000
Doomben08/12/2023 Friday7EOvercast$40,000
bet365 Geelong07/12/2023 Thursday0EFine$37,500
Belmont06/12/2023 Wednesday5EFine$35,000
Canberra08/12/2023 Friday8EOvercast$34,000
Aquis Park Gold Coast09/12/2023 Saturday0E $30,000
Scone08/12/2023 Friday0EFine$30,000
Albury09/12/2023 Saturday3.5HFine$30,000
Narromine05/12/2023 Tuesday4HFine$30,000
Sunshine Coast10/12/2023 Sunday $30,000
Corowa05/12/2023 Tuesday0EFine$30,000
Bunbury10/12/2023 Sunday $30,000
Moe08/12/2023 Friday0EStormy$27,000
bet365 Stawell09/12/2023 Saturday0EFine$27,000
Launceston06/12/2023 Wednesday3.5EFine$27,000
Apiam Bendigo05/12/2023 Tuesday9EFine$27,000
Sportsbet-Wangaratta09/12/2023 Saturday3EShowers$27,000
Thomas Farms RC Murray Bridge10/12/2023 Sunday $25,000
Balaklava06/12/2023 Wednesday0EFine$25,000
Toowoomba09/12/2023 Saturday3E $24,500
Albany07/12/2023 Thursday5C $24,000
Geraldton09/12/2023 Saturday $24,000
Port Lincoln08/12/2023 Friday2H $23,000
Ladbrokes Cannon Park07/12/2023 Thursday1.5CHFine$23,000
Esperance08/12/2023 Friday0E $22,000
Darwin08/12/2023 Friday $21,500
Rockhampton09/12/2023 Saturday0E $20,000
Texas09/12/2023 Saturday $17,000
Moulamein09/12/2023 Saturday $16,000
Parkes09/12/2023 Saturday $12,000
Atherton09/12/2023 Saturday $10,000
Bundaberg09/12/2023 Saturday $10,000
Home Hill09/12/2023 Saturday $10,000
Roma09/12/2023 Saturday $10,000
Emerald10/12/2023 Sunday $10,000
Yea Picnic10/12/2023 Sunday $6,000
Balnarring Picnic09/12/2023 Saturday0EOvercast$5,000
The Valley08/12/2023 Friday5EOvercast$0
Eagle Farm09/12/2023 Saturday0EFine$0
Ascot09/12/2023 Saturday $0


The summary of meetings for the following six days from the official website starts with the number of meetings for the dates as shown.

The information is sorted by:

Date: Includes the rail position, track type, likely track condition, weather conditions (which can vary considerably) and maximum prizemoney
Rail Position: Rail in the true position (+0m E) followed by various other rail positions
Prizemoney: Maximum prizemoney at each meeting

Rail AbbreviationExplanation
EEntire Track Circuit


CCutaway in the straight

rail in the true position

+2Heg +2m 600m-finish +3m remainder
+3Crail is out 3m entire circuit plus a cutaway in the straight