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We all want to be competitive in everything we do. And no more so that with punting on horse racing.

Success in punting on horses, in fact most things reduces down to an information war - the people with the best information make the smart moves.

Books have been and still are the best source of general information, and this applies at least as much in the art of racehorse selection and staking as in any other field.

Author Paul Segar has produced textbooks which cover all aspects of punting. The books alone stand as a complete reference but also provide 'food for thought'. You can develop / improve your own ideas as well as learn some new techniques.

Each book is written in plain English with plenty of practical examples in each chapter. Browse the contents of each book or email for further information, if required.

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FINAL RESULTS (top selections or recommendations):

36 races 9 winners (25%) 17 places (47%)

Profit: +14.5 units

Profit on Turnover (POT): +40%



30 October 2019

Sully looks a strong chance in the race, a few big overs following could yield some big multiples


Sully tried to win the race at the 1200, sadly was only half way. Good to see W Pike get a winner away from his beloved WA...




Here's the results from the big days, Friday and Saturdat Group Races



15 races for Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Top Picks:

5 winners 7 places

Profit +11.3 units

Profit on Turnover : +75%


Leave out the 2yo and 3yo races:

8 races

4 winners (50%)

5 places (63%)

Profit +13.5 units

POT +169%




27 October 2019

A few overs at the top could be good based purely on the market


Another good priced top selection winner for the Ratings Calculator, without doing a single thing.



The fave could be vulnerable in this so the overs could be a possibility


Got that wrong with the winner now 4 wins over 1600m



26 October 2019

Another big day of Group racing with events from The Valley, Randwick and Ascot.

Races are shown in likely running order...

Tough day's racing, focus on the top picks that are overs.

This race is just added for completeness and won't be counted.

No comment on this race as not counted...


3yo races are tricky at best. Bonvicini on the market is the over.



Over didn't quite fire running 4th but another top selected saluted, top 4 Q


Nice race with some overs and the top pick a fair wager...


Missed this one


Villami is probably scratched, top pick is almost an over. All depends how good the face is, small fields are tricky


Another 3yo event didn't work out


Top selection is an over, another 3yo race.


Another 3yo event of no result


Top pick is an over, another small field and a 3yo event over a distance, a very tricky combo


As expected, didn't get this one


Top pick is an over, second up, strong chance


The Madam did the right thing winning well, no multiples


See if Mr Quickie lives up to his name


Mr Quickie ran well but couldn't match the import.


Rapido is very short in the market.


Rapido led and knocked up


Usually a good race for the overs...


Was a good race for the overs but overs for some other system, not the Ratings Calculator



Big field this year minus Winx, this type of race is often good for overs.


The Japanese horses are the best for sure, lucky for Winx last year not Lys...


Top pick looks a strong chance.


The Giri was too strong leading througout


Another 3yo event


No joy in most of the 3yo races and in the west so far.


25 October 2019


Does look a tough race for the fave from barrier 1, could be a good race for the overs...


Top pick wasn't an over but still another top selection winner. The overs did perform well with a $154 quinella and if you could find the other filly, just over $47K for the first four






16 October 2019 Caulfield

2 winners and a trifecta - see the review


18 October 2019 Murray Bridge

No joy - see the review


19 October 2019 Caulfield Cup et al

see the review



23 October 2019 Geelong Cup

see the review



25 October 2019 The Valley

see the review


CUMULATIVE RESULTS (top selections or recommendations):

35 races 9 winners (26%) 17 places (49%)

Profit: +15.5 units

Profit on Turnover (POT): +44%